Who we are

OSX is a Brazilian company in judicial recovery, founded on October 30th 2009, due to the high demand of the oil&gas industry for equipment and integrated services for the shipping and offshore industries. Since the beginning, OSX offered integrated solutions in engineering, construction, chartering and shipbuilding operational services (Operation & Maintance) for Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (E&P) companies.

In its Shipbuilding business area, OSX owns a shipyard located at Superporto do Açu‘s Industrial Complex, 150 km from Campos‘ Basin (Bacia de Campos), geographic and strategic/privileged location of the Brazilian coast. Its total area is nearly 3,2 million m2 and has Hyundai Heavy Industries as it partner. Go to Business tab to see pictures of the Superporto do Açu.

In its Operation & Maintenance business, OSX was responsible for the Company‘s chartered units, operated the platforms FPSO OSX-1 and OSX-3, both for OGX Petróleo e Gás Company. The FPSO OSX-1 achieved an average of 99% of operating efficiency in its first year of operation. It was successful in its six offloading operations, achieving more than 6 million of produced oil barrels. The FPSO OSX-3 remains in operation on Tubarão Martelo field.

The Judicial Recovery process began on the second half of 2013, when OSX experienced an aggravation of its financial situation, which included the cancellation of units which would be built in the Açu Shipbuilding Unit (Unidade de Construção Naval do Açu or "UCN Açu") and the termination of charter and Operation & Maintenance agreements of FPSOs and WHPs. On November 8th 2013, due to the Company‘s economic situation, the Board of Directors approved OSX‘ Judicial Recovery plan request, as the most appropriate instrument to ensure the preservation of the interests of its shareholders, employees and lenders, thereby promoting the Company´s preservation, its social function and the stimulus to its economic activity. On November 11th, 2013, OSX, OSX Construção Naval S.A. ("OSX Construção Naval") and OSX Serviços Operacionais Ltda. ("OSX Serviços") filed at the Courts of the City of Rio de Janeiro (Comarca da Capital do Estado do Rio de Janeiro) their Judicial Recovery request, as per Law N. 11,101/2005.

The Company will keep developing its business and will employ its best efforts to give continuity to the solid commercial ties that it has been cultivating since the beginning of its activities.